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Background Check shows "We are processing your background check. Background check Your application is in progress. Yes it can take longer though not sure . How often are the processing times for visa offices updated? If you have a background check message before medicals are passed, I believe that is IP1. This is very helpful. We will send you a message if we need more information". I just would like to ask for your opinions. We knew we were in IP1 because we could read in our application: Background Check: Your application is in progress. AOR: Sept 12th Help Final decision— Your application is in progress. My status currently shows this: Letter of credit With the documentary letter of credit (L/C) we offer you an instrument to secure payments in order to reduce the risks involved in processing your … Review of eligibility We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements. Bacground check showing we are processing your check. Anyone having similar cases? CSIS and visa officers delve into applicant’s travel history. COPR: Jan 25th. If you can’t check your status online, you can use processing times as a guide to find out how long it might take to process your application. Don’t mail us changes for your contact or application information. We will send you a message if we need more information. e-AOR Sep 22th 2018 Submitted( uploaded) all the documents as required : 8th May,2017 Passport request : 14th July, 2017. If you do, we won’t acknowledge your request and we won’t update your application. We will send you a message if we need more information. Fast, accurate resident screening with credit reports, nationwide criminal and eviction histories, and the ability to include a rental recommendation on the report has the power to protect properties and communities. Background check We are processing your background check. Hi Cee Jay, All you can do is wait and hope for the best. No need to panic. Will notify if we need furthur info. I understand that some of the factors that cause processing times to vary are: 1. If you have a question about our request, you can: Make sure you keep your contact information updated. Have patience. We will send you a message if we need more information.” MEP - Medicals passed: review of medical results changes from “You do not need a medical exam.” to “You have passed the medical exam.” There is no email for MEP. Your application is in progress. We use police certificates to find out if you have a criminal record. Many thanks. A Confirmation of Permanent Residence and a permanent resident visa, if you are from a country that requires a visa, will be sent to you and your family members. Why? We will send you a message if we need more information." Medical not yet passed. For COPR, I went straight to New Delhi VFSGlobal and paid for the premium package thing. We were both in tears of joy. We will send you a message if this changes. Yes i will wait and do what you suggest. My medicals are complete and passed on April 5, 2018. Biometrics We do not need your fingerprints. Upload a document with your question in place of the document we asked for. How long will it take to process my application? So probably u r queued up to be sent at once along with others’ pprs. The third route is to file a request to see your GCMS notes directly to IRCC. There is no email for MEP. That’s a question best left up to your legal counsel. This could lead to a delay in processing your application. So till then u will just have to wait patiently. If the normal processing time for your application has passed, ask us about your application through our Web form. for 8 .5 months bc in progress and no other message from cic, Can u please give guidelines on hpw u maxe cse amd what u wtote to cic . Final decision Your application is in progress. Hi there. You will have to provide your UCI and application number as well because this is the only way they can determine your application. You must get a police certificate if you’re applying for permanent residence or Canadian citizenship. Hi every one. However, yesterday at noontime, i had an email response from IRCC with this: Thank you for contacting Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Intuitive Order Processing – Easy to find your solutions using search-bar, maps and product lists, buy individual or grouped products then view the Real-time. Thank you so much for your advise. Three common reasons your background check may be taking longer to complete include: We are waiting for a piece of information from you. my work requires me to travel all over the world and i have travelled to x no of countries over the last few yrs . Dependents: 0 You may be asked to send documents to finalize your application. 8. We will send you a message once the final decision has been made. It enables you to confirm your creditworthiness in the eyes of your business partners and guarantees your ability to perform. Background check —Your application is in progress. Consumer reports including; credit reports, TRVs, Background Checks, and all verification reports. We will send you a message if this changes. Is this true? There are three different routes to check up on the status of your application with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC, formerly CIC). Woww congratulations ur appln got approved but however the PPR has not been triggered. Hello there. We will send you a message when we start your background check. Permanent Residence Status Determined If your application is approved, we will send you your permanent resident documentation and a letter saying what we need to finalize your permanent residence.

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