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The circulation of claims and stories about Gog and Magog, Alexander building a wall, and a great wall in China coalesced in an official report to Abbasid Caliph al-Wathiq, one of the most powerful and learned ninth-century leaders on earth. Sallam reportedly traveled from 842-845. provides an English translation of the text from Ibn Khurradadhbih, and compares other sources. Interestingly, a large number of scholars agree that he was a pre-Islamic figure not associated with Jews or Christians, the traditional "Peoples of the Book." Then, Alexander the Macedonian invaded the Persians with the help of plenty Rebels (it think about half the Persians ) and the help of the Medes who had half of Central Asia , including turkey, and Babylonia (from Iraq to whole India ). Somewhere in Asia, there was a mighty wall, usually built by Alexander the Great, that held back the terrifying hordes of Gog and Magog. The Great Wall Of China. Adding more pieces to the puzzle.. China Great Wall Great. Interdisciplinary Studies of the ‘Other’ in Literature & Internet Texts. In fact, most schools of thought consider him to be either Alexander the Great, a pagan, or Cyrus the Great, a Zoroastrian. Even Marco Polo puts Gog and Magog north of China, possibly because of the Great Wall the Chinese used to defend against the steppe peoples. The wall he built was against the archaemenid Persians!!!!! You are a moron. From these stories of Alexander, Gog and Magog entered the Koran. 8 5 0. Along with Russia, China dominates the entire area of Magog and is associated with the nations listed in subsequent verses. Dhū’l-Qarnayn (the two-horned one) probably represents Alexander the Great. . In a fantasy game, it works very much as presented. and the real sedentary people who fought willingly and bravely when attack against them occurred or when Rebels were causing big havoc in the empire! And the reason why I mentioned that the Greeks were originally Royal Persians is that when they found out that Alexander’s father Philip was still alive and working as a noble governor among the provinces of the immediate empire of Persia land, and when they witnessed or found out how wicked and crazy Alexander was even toward his own father ( from historical account remains , it seems that he killed him , but before he died both found out who they were as father and son , but Alexander had no sorrow for killing his own father) . Starting west of Juyong Pass, this part of the wall was split into south and north lines, respectively named the Inner and Outer walls. In science fiction, it’s a fortress-like space station guarding a stable wormhole or a portal to another dimension. The wall is very strong and last till the end of the world. Great Wall Of China. And so the Greeks stopped fighting and would not obey Alexander anymore : they rejoined with their cousin Royal Persians remnants of Xerxes ‘s household. Cyrus the Great in the Quran is a theory that identifies Dhul-Qarnayn, a figure mentioned in verses 18:83-98 of the Quran, with Cyrus the Great. The depiction of two of them as dog-headed seems to reflect descriptions of persons associated with Gog and Magog in the Alexander stories. I believe content that is grounded in reality (however fantastical) is richer and more vibrant, and your players will appreciate the difference. There’s an entire band of them encamped on the civilized side of the wall! Alexander the Great, unlike Genghis Khan, was from a sedentary people. All of the Greek city states gave their blessings, young men for the military and finance for the march to Persia. The Macedonians and some Spartans were the ones who really fought against the Persians . The report, and similar accounts of Alexander’s wall in China, annihilated the 3200-mile-wide space from the Caucasus to northwestern China. But how could she come here to the civilized world? The PCs will need to find the wall and determine what’s wrong with it. Great Wall is a must for most first China trips. The Syrian Apocalypse of Pseudo-Methodius, probably composed in the last decade of the seventh century, describes Alexander constructing a wall against Gog and Magog. [2]  Alexander the Great was a world conqueror broadly similar to Genghis Khan. The creature on top of the wall has two horns. Whose emperors were for the most part Judaism followers (Zoroastrianism was actually the teachings of Daniel of the Jewish bible !!!!) Leiden University Press (apparently a re-issue of Gog and Magog: the clans of chaos in world literature (2007)). 38-39. So many of Gog’s soldiers will die that it will take the Israelites seven months to bury them all. midgal …that is absolutly untrue…Makedonia was a Kingdom yes ..and it was also in war with some city states of the Hellenic Peninsula…but u forgett in ur little explaination that at this time there was no Nations like today …Makedonia is the Heartland of Hellenism was Alexander who unfied the first time all Greek city states and regions…if he wud have been an non Greek …he wudnt had spreed Greek language Greek culturer and Greek belives…there is also a speech of Alexander III of Macedon (Alexandros o Megas) who reffers directly to his Hellenic ancestry ….and also Mount Olympos is located in Makedonia …wud been strange at those days when the Greek world had Mount Olymbos outside of there cultural sphere dont u think?….im pretty sure that u are an Fyromian …its really a shame how u guys absurd history…ur arguments ALL cant stand even a surficial look, Holy quran”the muslim’s holy book 20 8 1. argues with detailed analysis that Sallam actually took the trip from Samarra to western China. See Doufikar-Aerts (2011) pp. Even if it was fictive, it seems to have been believable. Made mostly of earth and stone, the wall stretched from the China Sea port of Shanhaiguan over 3,000 miles west into Gansu province. Ezekiel 38:2 refers to China. That said, the armies of gog and magog are not armies of men, but armies belonging to entities in the lower and inferior part of the psychic world. ( He is most commonly identified with Alexander the Great). Trans. In truth, the wall keeping out Gog and Magog does not exist, though there have been many attempts to link it to real walls in the region. [10] Al-Mas’udi (died 956), Qudama ibn Ja’far (died c. 932), Ibn Hawqal (died 988) and other later thinkers located Alexander’s wall in or near China. In some strategic areas, sections of … In stories popular among sedentary peoples of southwestern Eurasia, Alexander the Great walled off savage peoples living somewhere north. 13 15 0. And Sparta which became a great support of Alexander and Hellenism was also a Persian colony! The Great Wall of China ( Chinese: 萬里長城; pinyin: Wànlǐ Chángchéng) is the collective name of a series of fortification systems generally built across the historical northern borders of China to protect and consolidate territories of Chinese states and empires against various nomadic groups of … Vol. However, the decisive defense of Israel in Ezekiel’s prophecy comes from God showing his power to the world.[1]. The threat that Alexander walled off was like the apocalyptic threat of Gog and Magog in Jewish and Christian literature. Most of the Great Wall that stands today is the result of work done during the reign of the Hongzhi emperor (1487–1505). The people of Israel have walled and gated cities. The story originates in the Bible, continues through an ancient history, and winds up in its final version in the Koran and in fictional tales of Alexander the Great. “Dogfaces, Snake-tongues, and the Wall against Gog and Magog.” Pp. Required fields are marked *. Sallām ultimately reported to Caliph al-Wathiq that he found Alexander’s wall in China about 300 miles from Igu (present-day Hami), probably at Yumenguan. According to this narrative, Gog and Magog ( Arabic: يأجوج ومأجوج ‎ Yaʾjūj wa-Maʾjūj) were walled off by Dhul-Qarnayn (possessor of the Two Horns), a righteous ruler and conqueror who reached the farthest point of the Earth. Gog and Magog are apocalyptic figures in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scripture. listen to your own professors what they say about your relationship with the Greek Alexander the Great… What you people did to them? From Josephus, the idea stuck in the late Roman and Medieval consciousness. Genesis and First Chronicles have Magog as a grandson of Noah. Great Wall Of China. The Byzantine writer Procopiussaid it was the Huns Alexander had locked out, and a Western monk named Fredegar seems to have Gog and Magog in min… Some accounts of Alexander’s feats suggested that he had walled off the Darial Pass. The story is great material for RPGs! ), Josephus has him building an iron gate southeast of the Caspian Sea in a passage between two mountains. The most amazing communication technology has always been human minds and human networks. [9]  But a location in China had supporters in the Islamic world. [3] Stoneman (1991) is a recent English translation of texts associated with the Greek Alexander Romance. Great Wall History. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(}} Their forces will be as numerous as grains of sand on the seashore. [10]  That location also had the advantage of corresponding to the location of an actual, enduring, great wall. According to Rabbi Shlomo Ganzfried (19th century) Magog refers to the Mongols. China’s iconic Great Wall, actually a network of fortifications rather than a single structure, is the product of countless labors over a period of some two thousand years. pp. The PCs will have to defeat this camp and seal the cracks. Your email address will not be published. It even appears on maps. Great Wall Dam China. Sallam’s quest for Alexander’s Wall,

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