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A security guard/officer is an individual employed by a contract security company or a proprietary security organization to protect persons and/or property from criminal activities. Starting one year from the date of completion of the 47 hour firearms training course, holders of a Special Armed Guard Registration Card must complete an 8 Hour Annual In-service Training Course for Armed Security Guards every year thereafter. Recognized as a preferred training academy by many private security providers. A copy of the Certification of Completion of a Firearm’s Course will be kept by TGG and USIA. This course is a Hybrid program that includes 3-days on Online Virtual Security Training and 1-day range training with our firearms instructors. Our advanced classes and continued education courses are also sought out by many active and current security providers. Skip to content. TCTA  makes it easy, convenient and fun while providing in-depth, professional, quality training to its customers. 2 day courses … Guard Card. At the completion the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion for Unarmed Guard Training valid for submission of licensing in The State of Maryland. ONLINE CLASSES- You can now take a class in person at our state of the art training … ***JOB PLACEMENT IS AVAILABLE***. HOME; ABOUT. The TX PSB Level III course is required for all commissioned (armed) security officers and personal protection officers in the state of Texas. Level 3 Security Guard Training 45 HOURS CLASS (Armed Security Guard). Day 2 Wednesday December 9th . Get California Guard Card classes and professional security guard training 7 days a week. B. Class … Skills Training Course for Security Guards Complete 40-hour Guard Card course. Find Security Classes Near Me. Unarmed Security D Course; Armed Security G Course; Annual Armed G Recertification Training; AHA First Aid, CPR & AED Course; Non-Lethal Weapons Training; ONLINE SECURITY TRAINING; REGISTER. */ #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 .wds_slideshow_dots_container_0 { opacity: 1; filter: "Alpha(opacity=100)"; } #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 .wds_slideshow_dots_container_0 { display: block; overflow: hidden; position: absolute; width: 100%; bottom: 0; /*z-index: 17;*/ } #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 .wds_slideshow_dots_thumbnails_0 { left: 0px; font-size: 0; margin: 0 auto; position: relative; z-index: 999; } #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 .wds_slideshow_dots_0 { display: inline-block; position: relative; color: #FFFFFF; cursor: pointer; z-index: 17; } #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 .wds_slideshow_dots_active_0 { color: #FFFFFF; opacity: 1; filter: Alpha(opacity=100); } #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 .wds_slideshow_dots_deactive_0 { } #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 .wds_slide_container_0 { height: /*inherit*/100%; } #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 .wds_slideshow_image_spun1_0 { display: table; width: /*inherit*/100%; height: /*inherit*/100%; } #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 .wds_slideshow_image_spun2_0 { display: table-cell; vertical-align: middle; text-align: center; overflow: hidden; height: /*inherit*/100%; } #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 .wds_video_layer_frame_0 { max-height: 100%; max-width: 100%; width: 100%; height: 100%; } #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 .wds_video_hide0 { width: 100%; height: 100%; position:absolute; } #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 .wds_slider_car_image0 { overflow: hidden; } #wds_container1_0 .wds_loading_img { background-image: url(''); } #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 #wds_image_id_0_4 .wds_slideshow_image_0 { background-size: cover; background-position: center center; background-repeat: no-repeat; } #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 #wds_image_id_0_4 .wds_slideshow_image_0 > video { background-size: cover; } #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 #wds_image_id_0_38 .wds_slideshow_image_0 { background-size: cover; background-position: center center; background-repeat: no-repeat; } #wds_container1_0 #wds_container2_0 #wds_image_id_0_38 .wds_slideshow_image_0 > video { background-size: cover; }, Free Lifetime Recertifications with Our Full Programs. Since we provide such quality training, our company is retained by more security agencies to perform their SORA training than … American Firearms Academy, located in Newark, is New Jersey’s premier SORA (security officer registration act) armed security guard license & training classes. “It’s not hard to run a great program, you just have to care, and simply do it right” – TCTA founder   If you need basic security guard training, armed security officer training, pepper spray training, baton training, handcuffing training or bodyguard training, we do it all. Component 2 - Forty (40) hour Range Instruction and Qualification … This training course will cover the Laws regarding Unarmed Security Guards in Maryland. Become an armed guard and earn higher pay! All agencies or individual students are welcome to attend at anytime, as Texas Certified Tactical Academy has many great benefits and reasons to make us your official security training source. *ALL CLASSES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, NO REFUNDS. Conflict resolution. The Class G Statewide Firearms License is the armed security training that allows a security guard or private investigator to work in an armed capacity. Four safety rules We have completed our 20 Hour O.P.O.T.A. We immerse you into the industry with our core courses, and provide outstanding short certificate programs as well. The additional training that is required will equip a person to understand handling and safety of weapons on the job. Open the link for the application for: Courses 300,000+ customers chose us to book their course Best price guarantee. F. Finger Outside of Trigger Guard F. Search Seizure and arrest procedures while armed, A. All individuals who want to be employed as a armed private security guard in the State of Illinois must complete the 20 hour Firearm – Armed Security Guard Training Course at a state-licensed training facility. Security training classes are enrolling for November, 2020 at a school near you. ARIZONA GUARD CARD . $300.00.

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