politically correct term for middle eastern

The term "politically correct" was used disparagingly, to refer to someone whose loyalty to the CP line overrode compassion, and led to bad politics. "The term does identify the group but I occasionally have felt there is some negativity when the word is used because it's immediately met with 'that's other'. The region is neatly packaged under the term 'Middle East' but it is a space full of historical, cultural, and political complexities in which many diverse nation-states exist. A list of politically correct, if not factual, and rather laughable, terms for illegal aliens has been assembled for the reader’s amusement. Wiki User Answered . 1 Answer. Tactics. According to Hoyland, the “Arab” term is becoming less popular in the Middle East, because the movement is seen as “backward”. One reason for this is simply personal preference; preferred designations are as varied as the people they name. I’ve observed that most Dominicans use the term mulatto without any negative intent yet in the USA whenever I describe my daughter or her mother as mulatto I get a negative reaction from both Whites and Blacks because it is seen as politically correct. Martin Sieff's iconoclastic thinking on things and people ranging from the Ottoman Empire to Jimmy Carter may have you reconsidering what you thought you knew. 71% Total votes : 14. 29% No. Persians and Arabs I know now are diffrerent people. What is the politically correct term for for people from arabic countries? 10. EDIT: girl above me, thats not what i think. Left-wingers use politically correct words and phrases because they believe that words such as ‘Christmas’ and ‘manpower’ might offend some people. The troll will say, "Are you saying that Middle Africa is backward like Middle Earth?" This is because the people who live in Far East nations do not consider themselves to be part of a Far East region. Get answers by asking now. 0 0 1. Preferred terms vary primarily by region and age. Another reason is that designations can become dated over time and may hold negative connotations. ANSWER 0 Kevisaurus is a Carnotaurus today ANSWERS: 2. Over the past one hundred years, the Middle East has been targeted by Western imperialism in the violent manner that the rest of the world has endured for centuries. The region is and has been in a state of flux and its history – ancient and contemporary – proves this. It was originally coined in the early twentieth century to designate the area between the British colony of India and the Near East (the Balkans and western part of the Ottoman Empire). Update: Like middle-eastern people. They say that immigrant mafia clans from the Middle East, north Africa and the Balkans are behind the surging crime rates in the urban centres and suburbs, with 257 bombings last year. The term mixed race is too broad so we doesn’t use that. In the United States Oriental refers to objects and material good such as rugs and teapots. Ask question + 100. What is the term to generalize the middle eastern people? Relevance. Intermittent sporadic cases, community clusters, and nosocomial outbreaks of MERS-CoV continue to occur. some ppl … Terms used to refer to racial and ethnic groups continue to change over time. 2012-04-02 20:59:34 2012-04-02 20:59:34. Politically correct racial terms 'African' vs. 'African American,' etc. To describe a person as Oriental is considered to be impolite and politically incorrect by some in the United States; the term Asian is now widely used. "I'm saying that Middle Africa's witch doctors are like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings." The Native American name controversy is an ongoing discussion about the changing terminology used by the indigenous peoples of the Americas to describe themselves, as well as how they prefer to be referred to by others.

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