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He's one of the hyenas from Janja's clan. Stubborn as her father was when he was young lion, she disobeys his orders, which will allow her to venture into the Forbidden Lands and get to know Kovu. Let's see if you can name all 40 of these characters without any help at all. Chama in Swahili means "club" or "group," which both describe his "fraternity" with Furaha and Mzaha. Wema is first seen playing with her brother, Tunu, and Jasiri's sister, Madoa. Two zebra siblings who are members of Dhahabu's herd. Great and loved king, Mufasa is intelligent, sensitive and very courageous. Kion's young age is most noticeable in early episodes like "Never Jusge A Hyena By It's Spots" and "Lions Of The Outlands", where he's shown to have a very naive and black & white world view, bordering on racism. Case in point, she knows what the best course of action is, how to fix a mess that Kion has already made, and won't hesitate to bring up the obvious benefits. Rani and Baliyo's late parents. After another leopard chased him off his teritory, Badili moved into a tree that belonged to galagos, causing them to panic and call the Lion guard for help. Kion is the only member of the … When Mtoto return to his freinds, they begin playing Lion Guard again, but this time they alert the hyenas. He mimics voices of Lion Guard, scaring the hyenas untill the real Lion Guard appears. Bunga frequently leaps into danger, often without considering the consequences and improvising to the best of his ability along the way. The lead stallion of one of two notable bands of Grant's zebras. When tracking gazelles with Kiara and Tiifu witness hyenas attacking the gazelles. Muhimu almost drowns, but is saved by Bunga. He flees, an and the Lion Guard pursue him, but he is able to escape. Speaks in a pronounced Harvard Lockjaw. He a good friend of Kion. In "The Accidental Avalanche", during a fit of Ushari's venom and complete annoyance, he decides to use his Roar to create a path through the mountain, despite Fuli advising him against it. She ends up joining Simba's pride, against Zira's wishes. He explains that Lion Guard wants them back in Pridelands and the pack cheers, but the jackals block the cave, and start chasing the pack to eat them. A trio of baboon performers. So much for the Circle of Life philosophy. Hamu is a character from the show Lion Guard. Step 7. The Queen of the Night Pride, the mother of Sahasi, Surak, and Nirmala, and the grandmother of Rani and Baliyo. Sâhasí is a son of Janna and is also Surak's brother. They  chase Mapigano off, but the next day Mapigano comes back and without Lion Guard todefend Badili he takes back Badili's turf to himself, causing him to flee to galagos' tree again. However, very little has been revealed of past Lion Guards. After noticing a group of aardwolves in a cave in the Outlands, Reirei and Goigoi plan to eat them. From an early age he is trained by Zira to follow in the footsteps of Scar to avenge his death by killing Simba. The Lion Guard meeds him after he starles some animals in Pridelands, pretending to be several predators to chase them off and steal their food. He tracks d… The Guard watches them from the distance and when they realize Badili won't stand up for himself, they chase Mapigano off. Telling Simba and Kion that he's not sure if Scar can be defeated doesn't exactly cover the full extent of his sentiment. Kion knocks both Nne and Tano back into the Outlands. Janja seems contantly confused around them and when he stays behind, Nne and Tano decide they don't need Janja anymore. Goigoi is a character from Disney Junior show Lion Guard. The migration has to take pats though the Outlands, but soon after, Muhimu enters labor. He is saved by Bunga, and then Lion Guard talks to him, explaining the mistake and asking him to convince other aardwolves to come back home. The Guard watches Mapigano bullying Badili and call him names while Badili is too frightened to stand up for himself. Finally, Kion decides to retire from the Guard, leaving it in Vitani's paws, and he becomes the King of the Night Pride alongside the Tree of Life's ruler, Queen Rani. He appears in the episode "The Kupatana Celebration". The stubborn leader of the Pride Lands' sable antelope herd. This is shown again in "Beshte and the Hippo Lanes" where he gains the courage to attack Basi only when he's injured and after bringing in more crocs to help him, which also conflicts with him belittling Pua for fearing Basi way back in "The Rise of Makuu". in response to the monkeys' antics. Then he yelled at Kiara instead of not being direct at her. by arvinsharifzadeh Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Zuri wa taken back to Pride Rock. Badili informs Mapigano him that he is not scared of him anymore. She is also one of the singers in the Kupatana celebrations, although Zazu did have to correct her in the rehearsal for her pronunciation. A drongo bird who has the ability to imitate the voices of other animals. After defeating hyenas Muhimu, Swala and the remaining zebras make their way to Mbali fields. Step 10. Lion Guard "Team Lion Guard" Character Fleece Blanket, 50 x 60-inches 4.6 out of 5 stars 56. When the animals draw hyenas' attention, Swala is protecting her frend and her newborn son. Hamu is a son of zebra herd leader Muhimu. Hamu is a character from the show Lion Guard. An eagle famed for his exploits and Ono's greatest idol. At Kupatana, Goigoi and his familly begin attacking the Pridelanders. A golden zebra who is the leader of a zebra herd in the Back Lands. Fuli is a cheetah who assists Kion as a member of the Lion Guard. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Lion Guard Found 24 Free The Lion Guard Drawing tutorials which can be drawn using Pencil, Market, Photoshop, Illustrator just follow step by step directions. I would go back immediately. He's a baby zebra that appears in the episode "The Mbali Fields Migration". A honey badger who lives at the Tree of Life. The mysterious lion's cobra friend who was responsible for giving Scar his scar. He is the first one to be assembled to the new Lion Guard as the bravest. \"Set in the African Savanna, The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar follows Kion as he assembles the members of the Lion Guard\", a news release for the show reads. He has an additional, short-lived one in "Beware The Zimwi", when he lets his friends and the animals they were supposed to be helping down by failing to be collected and professional. After realizing the Pride Lands has a more than capable Lion Guard defending it, he officially abdicates the position and heads to Rani where he becomes the king. Mbuni is a cheerful ostrich living in the Pridelands. Simba is the main character in the film.  Mufasa (father), Sarabi (mother), Scar (uncle), Nala's Father (father-in-law), Sarafina (mother-in-law), Nala (mate), Kiara (daughter), Kion (son), Kovu (son-in-law), 'Fluffy' (cub), Mohatu (great-grandfather), Ahadi (grandfather), Uru (grandmother), Kopa (son) She's a baby ostich that is one of Mtoto's friends. Reirei is a female jackal, Goigoi's mate and mother of many pups, including Dogo. Bunga . The Lion Guard is a 2023 American animated television series developed by Ford Riley and based on Disney's 2019 remake of The Lion King. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . * Originally, Nala had a younger brother named Mheetu. Mapigano leaps at Badili, asking why he came back when it's no longer his turf and starts to mock him. At first Mapigano laughs and bullies Badili like he always did, claiming that without Lion Guard, Badili will be too scared to fight him. Later Ajabu tries to hide from Makucha among Thurston's herd of zebras, but the leopard finds him anyway. He often exclaims "Hevi kabisa!" She is a great rule-follower, and trusts the judgement of her friends. He's appears in some non-speaking moments in Lion Guard Return Of The Roar movie. he lion Guard decides the two herds need to move to Mbali Fields. However, opposing the tradition, instead of lions, he picks his friends; a honey badger, hippo, cheetah and an egret. In "The Savannah Summit", Makuu discovers that frequently antagonizing people, trying to steal their territory and even attacking the local monarchs generally has a way of making your neighbors hate you, not trust you, and want absolutely nothing to do with you when you actually need their help. This avalanche destroys the snow monkeys home, and the rest of the episode consists of finding them a new home, while also resulting in Chuulun joining up with Makucha for revenge after the Guard humiliates her. An elderly tortoise who is one of the wisest animals of the Pride Lands. Ushari is a character from Disney Junior show Lion Guard. ", she seems to be moving past this). Jasiri is a character from Disney Junior show Lion Guard. During Season 3, he shows a pretty strong willingness to urge Kion to use the Roar while he is afflicted with Ushari's venom. Kion already considered Makuu to be a bully and a, Kion's ability to put aside his resentment and forgive his enemies, particularly those who actually want to change their ways, is singled out by Simba as being one of his most admirable traits, and in a surprise twist, it allows him to avoid another trap Scar had laid down for him. He's a leopard form faraway land who came to Pridelands chasing after okapi named Ajabu. Kion is this in a number of episodes. Thurston also gains advice from Bunga the Wise and refuses to move for Ono until he is scared by the egret. He is challenged to a brawl by a young crocodile named Makuu. She quickly befriends Bunga when he arrives. Makuu challenges Pua to a brawl and wins, becoming a new leader of the crocodiles. Mwoga is a vulture that appears in The Lion Guard TV series. Janja is a character from upcoming Disney Junior show Lion Guard. Dogo is a character from Disney Junior show Lion Guard. The Tigger Guard. According to Zuri's voice actress, Madison Pettis, Zuri is "adorable and spunky and a little fashionista and a little bit of a diva." She appears in the episode "The Mbali Fields Migration". Her decision to use Chullun's name when she feigns being attacked is the last piece of the puzzle for Ono to deduce she was working with him. Reirei is a character from Disney Junior show Lion Guard. While Kiara was still suspicious of Janja's true motives, his failure to be direct is what convinces her that Janja is being genuine about peace which makes her near kidnapping partly his fault, instead of it being completely Kiara's fault and seriously mitigating her. He's a fearless honey badger, but he is also very careless which often gets him and Kion in trouble. Beshte seems to have developed a third catchphrase,"Poa," which is used as an exclamation similar to "cool" or "neat". Janja captures Tamaa and decides to use his voice to mimic Kion and trick impala herd into the Outlands. He decides to drop everything and go get some honey, and his weight causes the loose stones of the cliffside to dislodge and block the only path to the Tree. Created by Ford Riley. An arrogant, ruthless crocodile who was a member of Makuu's float, until he loses a mashidano with Makuu and is banished into the Outlands for a failed attempt at taking out Simba. He has another one during "Never Roar Again" where he almost kills Nala, later vowing to never use the Roar again. At Kupatana, Reirei and her familly begin attacking the Pridelanders. Most egregious is the episode in which Bunga literally beats him up and steals his rightful prey despite the fact that snakes, like lions or cheetahs, need to eat other animals in order to survive. In the episode "Rise of Makuu" he attempts to eat the hyrax that just got rescued by Lion Guard, but Bunga stops him and tosses him at the tree. All of this generally has the effect of making him less hotheaded and more patient, and in "The Little Guy", the strength-obsessed crocodile later comes to appreciate that someone having courage and brains can mean a lot, regardless of their size. I finally finished a set of lion king 2 figures I'm happy wi. She appears in the episode "The Mbali Fields Migration". 15. But when Kion demonstrates the power of the Roar of the Elders, Makuu immediately gathers up his clan and leaves the Springs, doing the very thing he claimed a "real leader" never does. A family of Siberian tigers who came to the Tree of Life to find a safe place to live. When Kion tells him he's not going to let, He actually becomes taken aback upon discovering Kiburi and his lackeys tried to, Even he is not sure if Scar can be defeated, after witnessing him burn Pride Rock, and. After this event Tamaa promises to only use his talent for good. However Badili has no choice but return to Mihiri Forest as the Lion Guard orders him to. Personality:  Responisible, brave, fierce and honest, Kion can get nervous and aggitated to the point of anger,, if he frets he is doing the wrong thing. Ono is a friend of Kion and a member of his group called Lion Guard. Ogopa is a character from the show Lion Guard. A skink who is friends with Ushari, and serves as his spy. He's a baby mongoose thet is one of Mtoto's friends. He later gains a love interest that leaves him well and truly confilcited about whether to return home, or stay to be with his love. Vitani  first appears in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, shown in her pride's home of the 'Outlands', a place Simba banished them. The Smilodon King Franchise. Mwenzi is Swahili for "companion", referencing his, Kifaru is a white rhinoceros, which is not represented in media quite as frequently as the black rhinoceros. He then proceeded by asking where he was headed, to which Ono replied he was heading back to his herd. In attempt to rescue her, Pumbaa accidentaly made her broke her claw. He's a vulture from Mzingo's flock. He appears in "Eye Of The Beholder" episode when an injured Ono bumps into him. The other leopard is suprised that there is no Lion Guard to fight him this time and starts mocking and making fun of Badili like he did before. acting as if hyenas shouldn't have those traits. Fortunately Lion Guard arrive and fight him off. Step 5. The Lion Guard comes to the rescue, chaing the jackals away then they take aardwolf pack back home. These are the characters that appear in The Lion Guard. Step 2. Mbeya is a character from the show Lion Guard. She along with Tiifu go into this as well in "Fuli's New Family", regarding Fuli hunting alongside Kiara (though Zuri is more indifferent than outright contemptuous). He appears in the episode "The Imaginary Okapi". Ono the Keenest of Sight/Smartest. The Lion King Characters; True Biographies! Mjomba and his pack hide in the Outlands and when they hear Lion Guard, they think they came to mock them more, so they flee, but Mjomba gets separated from the pack and runs towards a cliff. A male elephant calf from Ma Tembo's family. Before he's about to kill Ajabu, Lion Guard arrive and fight him off. Relations: Zira (mother), Nuka (brother), Kovu (brother), Kiara (sister-in-law), Friends: the Outlanders (formerly), most of the Pridelanders, Vitani, after receiving the rank of Lion Guard leader. Makucha is first seen hunting gazelles. Badili is a character from the show Lion Guard. He appears in the in the episode "Follow that Hippo!". He bears a strong resemblance to Ed from the first Lion King movie. Which Lion Guard character are you? He's a baby zebra that appears in the episode "The Mbali Fields Migration". Tamaa claims his only talent is imitating others and she's always been "hunting" this way, but agrees to stop using his talent to scare and steal from other animals. What would you do after Nala tells you what happened in the Pridelands? The Lion Guard orders Makucha to leave, but he manages to escape them. When he catches up to them, Tano kicks Janja off a cliff. A Grant's zebra mare who leads the other notable herd in the Pride Lands. They soon come up with a plan that even Fuli admits as clever. Beshte is the first animal to befriend him. 1. \"Throughout the movie and the series, the diverse team of young animals will learn how to utilize each of their unique abilities to solve problems and accomplish tasks to maintain balance within the Circle of Life, while also introducing young viewers to the va… She's a friend of Kiara. Should we have an area for the 2019 movie? Muhanga is a female aardvark featured in The Lion Guard. Young Adult Kion. Intelligent and agile in single combat, she always wins the fight against Simba, which also allow him to recognized her a few years later. Thurston is a zebra living in the Pridelands. Appearance: Strong and sturdy, he resembles his father Simba in most aspects of his appearance - Kion differs from Simba in that he has spots on his legs, has dark-rimmed ears, and sports a mane tuft (which had highlights) from a young age. Beshte is a friend of Kion and a member of his group called Lion Guard. His name, shortened from the Swahili word 'Kiongozi', means 'Leader'. Based on a painting in Rafiki's cave, Kion bears a great resemblance to his maternal grandfather. A bachelor trio of young male animals, who became outcasts from their respective groups due to their carefree, mischievous nature. And then in "Beshte and the Hippo Lanes", he frantically tells his float to dive for cover when he sees Bupu's herd heading straight for them. After Zira's pride was accepted into the Pride Lands, Vitani formed her own Lion Guard in the absence of Kion and his Lion Guard when they traveled to the Tree of Life. The migration has to take pats though the Outlands, but soon after, Muhimu enters labor. Rani and Baliyo's uncle, Sahasi's brother, and one of Janna's sons. In the former, the guard visits his hole to make sure he and his buddies aren't stuck in the mud and in the latter he's at the Kupatana Celebration alongside all the other Pride Land animals with no stigma or conflict towards him at all. Kion . :) :SarabiHearts: I know right :KiaraLaugh: I love these two. By the end of the season 3 premiere "Battle for the Pride Lands," Kion gets a scar over hi… By the middle of the season, Simba trusts him more with responsibility and the Lion Guard has several accomplishments under their belt, so Kion's confidence starts to improve. He's an okapi form faraway land who came all the way to Pridelands after being chased by a leopard named Makucha. When the guard finally nears the Tree of Life after weeks of traveling, Bunga spots a beehive hanging from a brand in the cliffs. Kwato is character that appears in The Lion Guard TV series. The Mountain Lion King. He's a master in hiding.

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