Planning Ahead



Individuals or family members are welcome to make an appointment with one of our experienced staff to discuss their future funeral requirements.  At this appointment all the varying options can be discussed in order for decisions to be made that suit individual needs. Some people prefer to simply prearrange their funerals without prepaying, which alleviates families from decision making. Other people prefer to prepay their funerals to further alleviate financial concerns. Either way, planning ahead allows you to document exactly what your wishes are, together with recording personal information required for registration purposes with Births, Deaths and Marriages. To help you with this requirement, a Personal Profile record can be downloaded and completed prior to your appointment.

Options for discussions may include:

  • Type of funeral service at chapel, church, crematorium, or other venue required
  • Selection of coffin or casket
  • Preferred cemetery or crematorium
  • Clergy, celebrant or other to conduct service
  • Organist and selected hymns
  • Special music to be played
  • Flowers or life symbols to be displayed
  • Catering
  • Which newspapers for death and funeral notices
  • Cremation certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Any other personal requirements.

 If prepaying is preferred, after the selected requirements have been chosen, the cost is calculated and the agreed amount is invested in a Funeral Bond in your name.  The Funeral Bond funds cannot be accessed until the funeral service is provided.  Any surplus funds will be paid to the Estate.  At the present time Funeral Bonds are not classed as an asset by Centrelink, and are not subject to the income and assets test.

Funeral Insurance?

Funeral Insurance is like House or Car Insurance.  When you stop paying the premiums agreed upon, you are no longer covered. Further, depending of the amount of years that insurance premiums are paid, individuals can end up paying well over what their funeral should cost.